The Architect

The field of architecture is one that many envy especially when they see the result of work of architects. There are those who dream to be an architect but they could not pursue their dreams. There are those who also want to be part of the team that will design the great buildings. In the architecture, there is the process that has to be followed so that a product would be produced. There is the first that is planning and then it goes to the designing process then construction time.

When the design was already made, they can know what to do and what to build. The architects can also build a miniature of the project to illustrate in details the structure that would be made especially if it is a big project. During the construction time, there could be changes that are made according to the demand of the client or according to the need for the construction to continue. That is why even if the design is final but in the construction process, changes could be made.

There are many big buildings that are now have been finished and much more are being constructed. The term they used in the design of the architect is the architectural drawing or it could also be the architect’s drawing. They are consists of parts where it can show different floors or a specific area or room and anything that is part of the building to be constructed. That is why they make many drawings even while they are studying.