Famous Buildings

A building that is man-made is one of the accomplishments of human beings. There are those buildings which are considered as beautiful or ancient or in the case of what we will see, the famous buildings. Many countries are now competing with each other to build their own building that is unique or is higher than the existing buildings or one that is eco-friendly. Whatever they want they can do.

The Lotus Temple is one that attracts millions of visitors each year.

It is located in New Delhi and it is a temple that welcomes any person with her own faith.

Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin which was composed of three buildings which were designed by three different architects. The third building was made by the Spanish architect named Santiago Calatrava.

The Dancing House located in Prague is one of the pride that has been created. Because of the design, it is now one of the famous building having 99 different panels made of concrete.

Cologne Cathedral Is a cathedral that displays a great work of art. It even has the tombs of archbishops in it and it has much great work of arts.

Other considered famous buildings are La Pedrera in Barcelona, Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, St Paul’s Cathedral located in London and One World Trade Center, New York. They contain each of their great display of the world of architecture. The White House in Washington is also part of the list and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.