Surprising Facts about Architecture during the Renaissance Period

Some students around the world have a dream to be a professional architect someday. There are many important skills of architect.What are the skills that every architect need to possess? Many would say that an architect needs to be good in Mathematics, Language, Drawing, and Sketching. Of course, to become an architect, you have to be knowledgeable in Math. Skills in drawing and sketching is also needed. Anyone who have the passion for designing and arts can also become a successful and professional architect someday.

Looking back at the architecture during the Renaissance Period, you will be amazed. In this modern generation where people enjoy the benefits of modern technology, architectural designs are made much easier compared to the ancient times. Architects these days make use of high technology such as the computer. But the most amazing fact that everyone needs to know is that architects in the ancient times including the Renaissance Period is that they did not use any high tech tools. How come architectural buildings were built?

In Rome and Greece, there are many buildings which were built during the Renaissance Period by famous architects. The architectural styles before the development of technology is amazing. The architect’s emphasis is more on symmetry and geometry. Renaissance architects focus more on proportion and every part of a building is amazingly arranged in an excellent order. You might have already seen Roman temples or Greek temples. One of here is the service for beauty company, check this 醫美. Those are the evidence that proves the excellent skills of architects before the development of technology.