The life of an architectural student

When you are in the elementary, you wait to grow up and go to high school. When you reached it, you also dream to go to college. Each of the stages of going to school has their own joys and also burdens. There are subjects that you like and there are those you do not like. You can excel in one subject and flank in the other. It is exciting and also hard that you need patience and a mind to survive. This time let us see a video.

When I watch the video, I was entertained and so I also want to share with you. That is because a student or most of the student of architecture is very busy all the time. I remember when I am one of them and I just stayed home in my room all day doing projects and then sleep and wake up to do it again and then suddenly Monday comes and I have to go to school. then I have to submit my projects.

I also became interested to include the video and make this article because of someone I know that now studies architecture. She sleeps early at night and then wakes up at three in the dawn and make her projects and go directly to the school. Then she will find time to sleep in the afternoon when they have breaks and or when they finish the class. After getting some sleep, she wakes up and does schoolwork again. But she says even if it is tiring, she still want to finish the course.